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Rachel truly is a shining light. I had never done kinesiology before I met Rachel and I am so glad she’s the one who introduced it to me, Rachel makes you feel comfortable and welcomed which allowed me to open up and work through things that I previously tried to bury. After every session I leave feeling so much lighter and I can truly notice the difference in every aspect of my life.

bianca m

I met Rachel at a meditation group one day and I am SO glad I did. Initially I went for one session with Rachel and I ended up seeing her weekly for months. Rachel helped me with so many issues on so many levels, physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically but the best work we did was intergenerational.

We explored and released events and issues that stemmed from my family line of women and this went as far back as my grandmother and for that I will be forever grateful. Every session with Rachel was mind blowing and always hit the nail on the head. Rachel is an expert at holding space for other people and is really easy to open up to and communicate with. I spent so much time with Rachel she not only was my kinesiologist but became someone I value as a friend.

laura b

Rachel, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me through kinesiology. You are amazing at what you do and have helped me feel confident in myself, calmer and have a more positive outlook.

Thank you again


debbie e

I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough. I have been to Rachel several times, and have always found her to be an incredibly intuitive, gentle, kind and caring kinesiologist. She was able to unlock things that I was not even aware I was holding onto, and work through these issues in a completely safe and confidential manner and space. If you are considering Kinesiology, do not hesitate, Rachel is amazing! Thank you again Rachel!

lisa c

I have had two session with Rachel, and I can honestly say she has made a huge difference to my life. I am not easily comfortable with someone to discuss very personal stuff, but I have found a safe space with Rachel. She is just such a beautiful and gentle soul, and I feel very safe with her. She has amazing techniques to clear things and so many amazing insights. I love working with her!

sunny b

For as long as I can remember I've struggled with anxiety, depression and emotional eating. I've also always struggled with intimacy and after some bad experiences, its only gotten worse and was affecting my marriage.

After seeing a psychologist I realised that the issues are so deep it's as if they've been written into my soul and I couldn't shift them on my own.

Rachel was the answer to my prayer! I still have a little ways to go as I figure out the new space that's been created for me but I can now happily accept physical contact and have much better control over my emotions and eating.

She is also very warm and kind and I felt safe opening up to her!

I definitely recommend Rachel's services ❤️

Bec A